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​Mental Status Series


Opuscule ONE: Bipolar

Secret Orkney Distillery
Distilled in 1999
Bottled in 2019
Aged 20 years
Matured in a hogshead
abv 51.9%

100 bottles only

Sold out

Tasting record:
Smell: The delicate and elegant scent of small white flowers is paired with the aroma of ripe fruit, with a hint of smokiness.

Taste: There is a burst of strong peat and smoky flavor, which is polarized with the smell, but the mouthfeel is quite round without too many edges and corners.

Aftertaste: After the outbreak, there is a dense, delicate and long-lasting woody aroma, while a hint of soft smoke and full-bodied floral and fruity aromas continue to surround the mouth.

Opuscule TWO: Air in D-elusion

Irish Single Malt Whiskey

Distilled in 2002

Bottled in 2021

Aged 19 Years

Matured in Barrel #3249

Abv 49.3%

​221 Bottles 

Sold out

Tasting record

Smell: Apple and peach without smoky peat, accompanied by melon fruit, lavender, malt, sandalwood, cream cheese and a little fresh grassland breath.

Taste: Honeydew melon, banana, pineapple and other tropical fruit flavors fill the mouth, with a slightly sour taste, accompanied by lemon tart, citrus and floral aromas. The palate is slightly waxy without being overly oily.

Finish: Medium length, woody and floral, finished with a touch of cream.


Opusucle THREE: Anxiety

​ coming soon.

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