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An idea creates a new art form.

The members of Opuscule are all Hong Kong local musicians, spanning different fields, with styles ranging from classical to pop music; their positions range from musicians, music teachers to music producers.


Opuscule​ hopes to construct a new art form with music and whiskey, drive the popularization and diversified development of both, and connect different cultural circles.

​ whiskey

Single-barrel whiskey, each barrel has its own unique style, and the number of bottles in each barrel is extremely limited and cannot be copied, so it is rarer than ordinary whiskey in regular batches.

​ There are a wide variety of whiskey barrels in the market, and the biggest feature of Opuscule is that the personality of the wine is presented in front of you with music.



Hearing has always been a neglected piece of the puzzle in the drinking process.


Therefore, Opuscule presents the inspiration that whiskey brings to us through music.


Opuscule uses the feeling that this work gives us as the skeleton, and gives the theme and imagination as the flesh and soul. The positioning, creation, instrumental music and even recording of the work are all handled by our members, so that they can be combined to become a new and complete work of art. , to fill this long-neglected piece of the puzzle.

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