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Whiskey x Music x Dry Aged Steak

It is the first work in Hong Kong to use a single-barrel whiskey-aged steak with original music. The delicious steak awakens the whiskey that has been sleeping in a wooden barrel for many years. The aesthetics of matured cows, coupled with the music created by Opuscule for this whiskey, fills the gap in the auditory sense, and the beauty in it appears only in the theme of this wine: Delusion. Now, through the cooperation with MAMA, Opuscule brings this enjoyment to reality.

The whiskey-aged steak that Opuscule cooperates with MAMA-Meatmania uses the USDA Prime Ribeye produced by the famous 44 Farms in the United States for aging.

44 Farms is the exclusive brand of Rosewood Hotel Steakhouse-Henry. 44 Farms has more than 100 years of cattle breeding experience in the United States, specializing in the production of Angus cattle. It is known for its outstanding meat taste and is one of the top brands of Angus cattle. .

The product is sold out, and there will be more products and cooperation in the future, please stay tuned.


As a bridge connecting different art media and communities, Opuscule can create exclusive and unique art bags for individuals, restaurants, companies, wedding banquets, gifts, events, etc.

Opuscule can provide one-stop services for everything from barrel selection, music creation, wine label design, factory contact, logistics and even live performances.

we alsoOther forms of cooperation are welcome, such as joint barrels, wine tastings and live music performances


Welcome to contact us for more information.wait

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